HONED by Claire Kinder is a cultivation & curation project by fine jewelry designer, Claire Kinder Barrett. She wanted to create a space where she could bring together the work of friends and inspiring designers from across the continent, as well as opening a dialog with local Seattle designers. 

• Claire is a Seattle-based fine jeweler specializing in engagement, modern heirlooms, and intricate forms of a distinct style we like to call "micro-architecture." She loves playing with the way various materials and planes interact with one another. Claire's dedication to quality drives her greatest passion: to create a tiny piece of art that will last generations.

• Claire holds a BFA in fine jewelry from Pratt Institute she received in Spring 2008. She moved to Seattle from Brooklyn, NY in November of 2016, and opened the doors of HONED just 3 months later. Originally from Vermont, the Pacific Northwest seemed like the perfect combination of the Green Mountains she grew up in, the the city streets where she came of age.