Custom Information

I love creating unique pieces of jewelry. 

Custom and one-of-a-kind creations are the places I have the most fun, and add a breath of fresh air to repetitive production. 

I offer two forms of custom...

1. Simple Custom:

A customization or simple alteration made to a piece of my permanent collection. For example this ring for Margot. This is my classic River of Light Band made with wider gemstones for a heftier presence and even more  sparkle. 

Simple Custom pieces are often a faster process because we're working within already established parameters, and usually (though not always) have lower design costs.

2. Pure Custom:

This is where we cook up a completely new design to meet your vision. 

For those interested in pure custom I recommend bringing a few images of design you like for reference*. Without visual representations to refer to, it can be difficult to make sure our mental images of the project are in alignment. 

Usually, though not always, pure custom requires more time and communication to make sure what I produce is what you are expecting.

*Please note!

I WILL NOT copy, replicate, or plagiarize another designer's work. There are certain designs that have existed long enough that they don't "belong" to anyone, e.g. my La Terra Ring (a round cabochon in a bezel, set on a delicate band), and this rule doesn't really apply to that. My integrity as a designer is of paramount importance to me, and if you chose to employ my design services it is at my discretion which designs I will and wont replicate.


Do you work with family gemstones?


We are happy to incorporate stones already in your possession. To do so we recommend having your stone/s documented and insured, as you will be required to sign a release of liability waiver. There is always a small risk removing, cleaning and resetting of old stones, as well as their intrinsic value cannot be replaced. 

Can you use gold or platinum I already have to make my project?

Generally no. This is much much more complicated than people expect. And piece of jewelry you have (unless a solid and unaltered casting) will probably have solder seams. The solder becomes part of the larger body of gold when melted and can create pockets of impurity and pitting, as well as other complications. Sometimes we can use a portion of a gold piece you have, but this is case to case and I will need to see your piece of jewelry in person and have an idea of what you want to do with it before I can decide if is safe to proceed. More often than not we have to start fresh.

I do however take in pieces of gold or platinum you may have and can give you a credit on your invoice commensurate to its weight/purity.

What should I expect to spend on a custom project?

• Simple Custom 

      - Customized pieces usually cost the same as the original design plus additional labor and materials. Sometimes they cost less (e.g., swapping out a Diamond for a semi-precious stone of the same size and proportions) but this isn't always the case. For example, I often get the request to make my River of Light Band with Sapphires or Aquamarines instead of Diamonds; this actually costs more because it requires custom stone-cutting labor, which makes the stones cost a bit more than the Diamonds, plus the extra time for organizing the custom cutting order. 

• Pure Custom 

      - With some exceptions, projects start around $1,000 USD, and increase depending upon the design's parameter. Gold is priced by weight, so bold/large items will cost more than more delicate designs. Pure custom almost always involves more labor for design and production. 

What's the turnaround time for a custom project?

Custom projects always take longer than standard production times, though with enough notice rushes can be accommodated for a fee. Otherwise, please refer to the times listed below, depending up the project and its level of complexity.

• Simple Custom - 3-8 weeks

• Pure Custom - 4-10 weeks

Can you help me order a custom piece from one of the designers you carry?

We regularly place Special Orders with the other designers we carry - this is where you order one of their regularly produced items but in the size and gold color & karat of your choosing, but this does not qualify as custom. 

HONED only offers custom design projects through shop owner, Claire Kinder. To do so with our other designers puts us in the middle of a pricey game of telephone. We can sometimes facilitate simple alterations (like swapping a diamond for a sapphire, adding pavé to a ring's band, or asking for a 17.5" chain rather than a 20"), but this is on a case-by-case basis.

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